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Lake Braies, Italy170Lake Braies, ItalySpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra Nevada140SpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra NevadaEarly spring80Early springSpring170SpringDeep in the mountains160Deep in the mountainsRugged beauty160Rugged beautyRainbow above the town70Rainbow above the townTakkakaw-falls-Yoho-national-park-Canada209Takkakaw-falls-Yoho-national-park-CanadaCaraiman Peak, Romania170Caraiman Peak, RomaniaLast minutes of the day170Last minutes of the dayBlaubeuren, Germany88Blaubeuren, GermanyThe Tarn144The TarnIn the shadow of the mountains140In the shadow of the mountainsEarthly Paradise150Earthly ParadiseAndorra24AndorraAmboseli, Kenya160Amboseli, KenyaLost in the snow42Lost in the snowSouth-Korea-December-winter170South-Korea-December-winterHigher than Clouds160Higher than CloudsLights and Shadows169Lights and Shadows