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Eh’häusl, world’s smallest hotel, Amberg, Germany140Eh’häusl, world’s smallest hotel, Amberg, Germany970x486-Berlin-landmarks136970x486-Berlin-landmarksThe Semperoper, Dresden140The Semperoper, DresdenTown Hall, Bamberg, Germany140Town Hall, Bamberg, GermanyRhine Katz Castle Aerial Alamy RM 478x345 v2 tcm21-58689140Rhine Katz Castle Aerial Alamy RM 478x345 v2 tcm21-58689Dresden Square, Dresden Germany140Dresden Square, Dresden GermanyBerlin-cathedral140Berlin-cathedralMarienplatz, Munich, Germany140Marienplatz, Munich, GermanyDanube, Regensburg, Germany140Danube, Regensburg, GermanyCologne, Germany140Cologne, GermanyOld Town - Gorlitz, Germany140Old Town - Gorlitz, GermanyRakotzbrücke, Rhododendronpark, Kromlau. Germany136Rakotzbrücke, Rhododendronpark, Kromlau. GermanyVischering Castle, Lüdinghausen, Germany140Vischering Castle, Lüdinghausen, GermanyMeissen Germany140Meissen GermanyMarket Square, Weimar Germany136Market Square, Weimar GermanyCologne Cathedral140Cologne CathedralRothenburg Germany136Rothenburg GermanyLindau, Germany140Lindau, GermanyRothenburg, Germany136Rothenburg, GermanyDinkelsbuhl, Germany140Dinkelsbuhl, Germany