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Goutte de pluie sur rose238Goutte de pluie sur roseThe Bait300The BaitJack the Cat300Jack the Catdandelion pissenlit300dandelion pissenlitTree cut300Tree cutUnder the tree300Under the treeSunset on Lake300Sunset on LakeSnow on Leaves300Snow on LeavesLittle Leaves of rosebush286Little Leaves of rosebushSunray in the mist260Sunray in the mistMist in the Morning300Mist in the MorningFirefly / Libellule300Firefly / LibelluleParrot / Perroquet252Parrot / PerroquetFlight of the condor / l'envol du condor260Flight of the condor / l'envol du condorLion252LionAra rouge / Red Ara252Ara rouge / Red AraLoutre naine / Small Otter252Loutre naine / Small OtterGlycine / wistaria flower228Glycine / wistaria flowerchaussette le chat /Chaussette the cat 02252chaussette le chat /Chaussette the cat 02Fleur de Trèfle /Clover Flower252Fleur de Trèfle /Clover Flower