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Words to specify: +malapquet +1895 +reynolda +abandoned +lloyd +wright

Andrew J. Warner House Ogden Utah143Andrew J. Warner House Ogden UtahVista House Museum Columbia River Oregon140Vista House Museum Columbia River OregonWinters House Victorian Sacremento California140Winters House Victorian Sacremento CaliforniaVictorian House turret Wisconsin140Victorian House turret WisconsinAbandoned Victorian House Chester North Carolina120Abandoned Victorian House Chester North CarolinaCape May New Jersey Victorian House104Cape May New Jersey Victorian HouseRed Farm House Canada117Red Farm House CanadaOld French farm house140Old French farm houseFarm house summer in Scandinavia143Farm house summer in ScandinaviaClouds over abandoned house Weir Texas108Clouds over abandoned house Weir TexasBeautiful Old House Samos Island, Greece117Beautiful Old House Samos Island, GreeceFlowers brick house Groningen The Netherlands140Flowers brick house Groningen The NetherlandsLake front log house140Lake front log houseclose up kitchen tiny house140close up kitchen tiny houseAntebellum style house140Antebellum style houseDancing House Restaurant Praque140Dancing House Restaurant PraqueFormal garden 1600's house England140Formal garden 1600's house EnglandHouse on stilts Bocas Del Toro Panama117House on stilts Bocas Del Toro PanamaBeautiful old house Stevensville Montana117Beautiful old house Stevensville MontanaArt Deco House, 1930 Havana Cuba120Art Deco House, 1930 Havana Cuba