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Interior Medieval Armenian Cathedral of Ani140Interior Medieval Armenian Cathedral of AniBuildings in Land of Noah Armenia140Buildings in Land of Noah ArmeniaTemple armenia140Temple armeniaMountains yerevan armenia144Mountains yerevan armeniaTamanyan street Armenia140Tamanyan street ArmeniaVillage Armenia140Village ArmeniaTatev monastery Armenia140Tatev monastery ArmeniaClouds sevanavank monastery armenia132Clouds sevanavank monastery armeniaHotel Tufenkian Dzoraget Armenia132Hotel Tufenkian Dzoraget ArmeniaSümela Monastery complex armenia121Sümela Monastery complex armeniaSunny day Nubble Lighthouse New York140Sunny day Nubble Lighthouse New YorkSundown Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco140Sundown Hassan II Mosque Casablanca MoroccoSunrise Hong Kong skyline140Sunrise Hong Kong skylineInland Sunset Beach140Inland Sunset BeachRays of sun Boston seaport108Rays of sun Boston seaportMorning sun downtown Denver Colorado132Morning sun downtown Denver ColoradoTurtles getting some sun150Turtles getting some sunMidnight sun glows over Norwegian fjord117Midnight sun glows over Norwegian fjordDresden-Neustadt Germany140Dresden-Neustadt GermanyPanorama Rostock Germany140Panorama Rostock Germany