Blue macaw birds77Blue macaw birdsHungry chicks90Hungry chicksWestern grebes engage in a courtship dance called rushing99Western grebes engage in a courtship dance called rushingCardinal reflection in water99Cardinal reflection in waterDowny Woodpecker88Downy WoodpeckerCurious hyacinth macaw100Curious hyacinth macawCourious duck77Courious duckBaby blue penguin100Baby blue penguinRooster bad feather day99Rooster bad feather dayMama bird bringing food100Mama bird bringing foodCedar Wax wing bird54Cedar Wax wing birdCuban Kite bird100Cuban Kite birdChickadee sitting in blooming redbud tree99Chickadee sitting in blooming redbud treeTwo owls99Two owlsSeagull fly-by at Nags Head pier96Seagull fly-by at Nags Head pierBeige chicken99Beige chickenHumming bird drinking with bees90Humming bird drinking with beesMagnolia Warbler in birdbath98Magnolia Warbler in birdbathChickens enjoy a meal on Croatian family farm96Chickens enjoy a meal on Croatian family farmCute bird parents96Cute bird parents