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204 puzzles tagged "19th c" estate
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Carriage House 15/1670Carriage House 15/16Guest Cottage 14/1670Guest Cottage 14/16Bedroom 13/1670Bedroom 13/16Bedroom 12/1670Bedroom 12/16Bedroom 11/1670Bedroom 11/16FDR's Adult Bedroom 10/1670FDR's Adult Bedroom 10/16FDR's Adult Bedroom 9/1672FDR's Adult Bedroom 9/16FDR's Childhood Bedroom 8/1670FDR's Childhood Bedroom 8/16Living Room 6/1670Living Room 6/16Drawing Room 4/1670Drawing Room 4/16Entrance Hall 3/1656Entrance Hall 3/16Springwood Estate 2/1670Springwood Estate 2/16Aerial View of Springwood Estate 1/1666Aerial View of Springwood Estate 1/16Guest House (10 of 12)80Guest House (10 of 12)Library (7 of 12)80Library (7 of 12)Foyer (5 of 12)84Foyer (5 of 12)Entrance (1 of 12)80Entrance (1 of 12)The Jackson's Tomb (11 of 13)48The Jackson's Tomb (11 of 13)Daughter in Law's Bedroom (7 of 13)88Daughter in Law's Bedroom (7 of 13)Dining Room (5 of 13)90Dining Room (5 of 13)