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35 results for "19th c" "lake george"
Words to specify: +tudor +"new york" +estate +lakeside +mansion +home +interior +bathroom +house +bedroom

Master Bathroom (B)  15/3596Master Bathroom (B) 15/35Master Bathroom (A)  14/3596Master Bathroom (A) 14/35Master Bedroom  13/3596Master Bedroom 13/352nd Floor Landing  12/35962nd Floor Landing 12/35Staircase  11/3548Staircase 11/35View of Lake George  10/3596View of Lake George 10/35Housekeeper's Bedroom  9/3596Housekeeper's Bedroom 9/35Housekeeper's Sitting Room  8/3596Housekeeper's Sitting Room 8/35Family Room  7/3596Family Room 7/35Dining Room  6/3596Dining Room 6/35Kitchen  5/3596Kitchen 5/35Living Room  4/3596Living Room 4/35Living Room  3/3596Living Room 3/35Garden  2/3596Garden 2/35Aerial View - $7.9M  1/3596Aerial View - $7.9M 1/35