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35 puzzles tagged "19th c" "lake george"
Tags to specify: +tudor +"new york" +estate +lakeside +mansion +home +interior +bathroom +house +bedroom

Boat House  35/3596Boat House 35/35Landscape  34/3596Landscape 34/35Pool  33/3596Pool 33/35Landscape  32/3596Landscape 32/35Patio  31/3596Patio 31/35Wine Cellar (B)  30/3596Wine Cellar (B) 30/35Wine Cellar (A) 29/3596Wine Cellar (A) 29/35Bar 28/3596Bar 28/35Man Cave 27/3096Man Cave 27/30Back Stairs 26/3535Back Stairs 26/35Third Floor Lookout 25/3596Third Floor Lookout 25/35Entertainment Room 24/3596Entertainment Room 24/35Second Floor Lookout  23/3596Second Floor Lookout 23/35Room with a View  22/3596Room with a View 22/35Guest Bathroom  21/3596Guest Bathroom 21/35Guest Bedroom  20/3596Guest Bedroom 20/35Boy's Bathroom  19/3596Boy's Bathroom 19/35Boy's Room with Balcony  18/3596Boy's Room with Balcony 18/35Girl's Room  17/3596Girl's Room 17/35Office  16/3596Office 16/35