Hope everyone is having a nice summer, or what ever season it is where you are. I am enjoying your puzzles and hope you enjoy mine as well. It has just come to my attention of why so many small puzzles, PHONES, they can only do small ones, so I am now creating smaller ones also, sorry it took me so long to figure that one out. .... Love, light and peace to everyone...Namaste


colorful (20)
vintage (20)
interior (18)
exterior (15)
store (15)
victorian (13)
fronts (10)
people (10)
and (7)
that (7)

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New Member to the Family 43177_main__27072.154803667212New Member to the Family 43177_main__27072.1548036672Message from Paris24Message from ParisBoarding the Train at Alexandria 53283_main__89842.159648941570Boarding the Train at Alexandria 53283_main__89842.1596489415Angels of Hope221Angels of HopeStrolling the streets of Italy221Strolling the streets of ItalyHappy woman found her home12Happy woman found her home2018_11-1_ss_grandentrance-710x1024242018_11-1_ss_grandentrance-710x1024A day on the beach70A day on the beachbeautiful old building 21bd8106da067719de45fb1d83983cc4210beautiful old building 21bd8106da067719de45fb1d83983cc4Vintage Era300Vintage Era

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