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30 results for house architecture
Words to specify: +garden +old

house160houseGermany140GermanyPortugal facade120Portugal facadeVictorian House100Victorian HouseRockport House with shutters90Rockport House with shuttersBellport, NY77Bellport, NYParkersburg90ParkersburgSecory House120Secory HouseHeck Andrews House88Heck Andrews HouseGloucestershire farm140Gloucestershire farmHouse in Washington1130House in Washington1Stanton Hall140Stanton HallHouse in New Orleans130House in New OrleansHouse in Kent117House in KentOld House 1130Old House 1Wakehurst Place136Wakehurst PlaceHouse in Seattle120House in SeattleMuckross House130Muckross HouseHatfield House117Hatfield HouseHouse in Pensylvania130House in Pensylvania