Doing puzzles is an addiction but not all addictions are bad ... right? Am also an avid photographer and love nature and the subtle changes that signal the coming of each season ... also an addiction worth having! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


colorful (86)
animal (28)
fall (23)
autumn (22)
plant (21)
nature (20)
potw (20)
art (17)
landscape (17)
flower (12)

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Wild turkey35Wild turkeyUnusual monument to coffee in Turkey60Unusual monument to coffee in TurkeyBoat wreck on the beach70Boat wreck on the beachColorful yarn48Colorful yarnMachu Picchu lawn mowing70Machu Picchu lawn mowingColorful bench with teddy bears99Colorful bench with teddy bearsOutdoor sports equipment48Outdoor sports equipmentKekova, Island, Turkey77Kekova, Island, TurkeyColorful corals70Colorful coralsRooster and his harem35Rooster and his harem


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