St Teilo's Church 14C mural St Fagan's Cardiff70St Teilo's Church 14C mural St Fagan's CardiffSt Fagan's Cardiff90St Fagan's CardiffRistra Blues - Klaus Priebe90Ristra Blues - Klaus PriebeSolar filament eruption90Solar filament eruptionFull Moon90Full MoonUpper Antelope Canyon near Page (AZ)88Upper Antelope Canyon near Page (AZ)Flight of an Eagle Owl96Flight of an Eagle OwlMilky Way Over Monument Valley90Milky Way Over Monument ValleyFreecell 1000 wins 1 aug 1299Freecell 1000 wins 1 aug 12Volcano and Aurora in Iceland88Volcano and Aurora in IcelandPink Aurora Over Crater Lake88Pink Aurora Over Crater LakeParkes 64 meter dish of New South Wales, Australia88Parkes 64 meter dish of New South Wales, AustraliaIn the Shadow of Saturn's Rings90In the Shadow of Saturn's RingsEquinox Western Canal, Tempe, Arizona88Equinox Western Canal, Tempe, ArizonaRoath Park, Cardiff90Roath Park, CardiffHydrangeas90HydrangeasBle Mae . . . ?80Ble Mae . . . ?Dead Horse Point State Park Utah96Dead Horse Point State Park UtahStar trails over Shiprock NM77Star trails over Shiprock NMWeeping Angel90Weeping Angel