Covered Up48Covered UpOut the Window II28Out the Window IIOut the Window28Out the WindowClock Tower of Pinkie Pie35Clock Tower of Pinkie PieThe Diamond Upgrade is Useful for Everything40The Diamond Upgrade is Useful for EverythingTriple Tounged60Triple ToungedFortress Tower of Rainbow Dash48Fortress Tower of Rainbow DashYou're going to LOVE ME!!!70You're going to LOVE ME!!!D'OH!49D'OH!The Teachery of Memes20The Teachery of MemesBlast Resistant Cookies54Blast Resistant CookiesCombined Species35Combined SpeciesAppleJackAss48AppleJackAssObsidian is Stronger than Iron (With Rotation)70Obsidian is Stronger than Iron (With Rotation)Sweet-Self Portrait60Sweet-Self PortraitPinkie-Lie48Pinkie-LieObsidian is Stronger than Iron70Obsidian is Stronger than Iron