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Bat-Appreciation Vampire Bat via National Geographic153Bat-Appreciation Vampire Bat via National GeographicArmadillo and baby96Armadillo and babySwan and cygnets108Swan and cygnetsKoala and cub110Koala and cubNorth American porcupine120North American porcupineBaby Pigmy Marmoset110Baby Pigmy MarmosetNorth American beaver96North American beaverNorth American beaver. Denali National Park. Alaska126North American beaver. Denali National Park. AlaskaRed fox mother play-fighting with kit126Red fox mother play-fighting with kitLambs frolicking in Christchurch. New Zealand120Lambs frolicking in Christchurch. New ZealandPolar bear cubs130Polar bear cubsA Southern Viscacha in the Andes Mountains108A Southern Viscacha in the Andes MountainsValais Blacknose sheep108Valais Blacknose sheepAlpine Marmot119Alpine MarmotEurasian red squirrels in Finland91Eurasian red squirrels in FinlandHuddling Empire chicks108Huddling Empire chicksGroup of Emperor Penguin chicks108Group of Emperor Penguin chicksRaccoons Den98Raccoons DenEuropean otter near Lelystad. Netherlands126European otter near Lelystad. NetherlandsLion cubs96Lion cubs