Late War Assault Gun,StuG108Late War Assault Gun,StuGMaus,big is not always better99Maus,big is not always betterLate War Brummbär in Warsaw[1]96Late War Brummbär in Warsaw[1]Look out, low bridge!108Look out, low bridge!Assault Gun+Support108Assault Gun+SupportHi-bred Tiger"One of a kind"108Hi-bred Tiger"One of a kind"SdKfz 251/19112SdKfz 251/19Pz Mk IV H99Pz Mk IV HTiger in Town120Tiger in TownSturmpanzer IV "Brummbar"108Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbar"Watching for the Storm120Watching for the StormMad Bath110Mad BathDeath of a hunter108Death of a hunterBig Cat Ready117Big Cat ReadyAssault Gun108Assault GunAmmo Resupply108Ammo ResupplySPW112SPWHunting Tiger108Hunting TigerTiger2_f108Tiger2_fFlak_t-34 Hi-bred108Flak_t-34 Hi-bred