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Dog-Girl-sunrise24Dog-Girl-sunriseSnow dog24Snow dogA muso duro24A muso duroOdd couple20Odd coupleAlaskan huskies24Alaskan huskiesEnchanted by the leaves24Enchanted by the leavesPlaying on the beach24Playing on the beachAfternoon Nap12Afternoon Nap3 male labradors243 male labradorsRunning dog 212Running dog 2Studio Dog24Studio DogJump........24Jump........The Ad-ventures of Addie in the City24The Ad-ventures of Addie in the CityJed-116Jed-1Fast ride15Fast rideLast winter days24Last winter daysFlynn in Spring15Flynn in SpringDogs playing24Dogs playingDog and kitty and fox24Dog and kitty and foxDog in close-up12Dog in close-up