landscape (121)
abstract (88)
art (81)
flowers (68)
fractal (67)
painting (49)
colourful (45)
fabric (41)
mystic (36)
nature (36)
australia (35)
garden (33)
germany (28)
macro (28)
quilt (28)
rural (27)
textiles (27)
craft (25)
metallic (24)
light (23)

24 puzzles tagged metallic
Tags to specify: +intense +cosmic +satin +mysterious +fractal +myth +gold +abstract +digital

Batik100BatikSuction grip by aureliuscat-d7ghw5599Suction grip by aureliuscat-d7ghw55Suction grip by aureliuscat-d7ghw5590Suction grip by aureliuscat-d7ghw55Gold by tatasz-d8zh5x298Gold by tatasz-d8zh5x2Grow by fractaldesire-d61kj3p100Grow by fractaldesire-d61kj3pPiethein 150517 im by fractaldesire-d8tstxh100Piethein 150517 im by fractaldesire-d8tstxhSpun gold by grannyogg-d9mkrq899Spun gold by grannyogg-d9mkrq8Perpetual motion by omron100Perpetual motion by omronOrganic inside pong 507 by batjorge-d7cqul999Organic inside pong 507 by batjorge-d7cqul9Reflection by ludifico-dbws1db100Reflection by ludifico-dbws1dbReflection by ludifico-dbws1db100Reflection by ludifico-dbws1dbApo spherical gems revisited by rose47-d5jy9wl99Apo spherical gems revisited by rose47-d5jy9wlNottheplaceywlookingfor by loony lucy-d9vjflh96Nottheplaceywlookingfor by loony lucy-d9vjflhSirens song by fractaldesire-davhy3g98Sirens song by fractaldesire-davhy3gHyper by tatasz-d9u8hjn96Hyper by tatasz-d9u8hjnComing together to meet by mothersheart96Coming together to meet by mothersheartTropical delight by french chocolaite-d7uejzo100Tropical delight by french chocolaite-d7uejzoGold and glass by tatasz-d7fa4w696Gold and glass by tatasz-d7fa4w6Piethein 150525 vid7 by fractaldesire-d8ust4m96Piethein 150525 vid7 by fractaldesire-d8ust4mPiethein 150522 v2 by fractaldesire-d8vfckw100Piethein 150522 v2 by fractaldesire-d8vfckw