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Words to specify: +fluorescence +luminous +toadstools +iridescent +dew +delicate +sparkling +fungi +mystical +mystic

Dew drop reflections117Dew drop reflectionsGiant bismuth crystal macro tumblr n1f2x9PAOk1rlaporo2 1280120Giant bismuth crystal macro tumblr n1f2x9PAOk1rlaporo2 1280macro flower with dew100macro flower with dewSpider on bud closeup99Spider on bud closeupColourful bee closeup-96Colourful bee closeup-Cladoceran from Chydorus genus100Cladoceran from Chydorus genusMacro ice sheet - Tom Wagner96Macro ice sheet - Tom WagnerFungi - Omphalotus illudens (Schwein.) Bresinsky & Besl 1018096Fungi - Omphalotus illudens (Schwein.) Bresinsky & Besl 10180Purple crocus in the snow99Purple crocus in the snowpendant flower bells91pendant flower bellsRubia Luz transparent butterfly99Rubia Luz transparent butterflyJewel beetle Western Australia99Jewel beetle Western AustraliaWater-droplets bugs and insects of Singapore-ii96Water-droplets bugs and insects of Singapore-iiDew drops on grass - alphacoders99Dew drops on grass - alphacodersDew drops foliage hi res96Dew drops foliage hi resGOLDEN REPTILIAN EYE MACRO99GOLDEN REPTILIAN EYE MACROPassion-Flower99Passion-FlowerPink frangipani99Pink frangipaniAlien orchid99Alien orchidSturt's Desert Pea - Australia99Sturt's Desert Pea - Australia