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Rotate the slices12Rotate the slicesPersimmons24PersimmonsRotate the sweet potatoes6Rotate the sweet potatoesFruit and nuts108Fruit and nutsRotate the flowers6Rotate the flowersRotate the apples6Rotate the applesFruits35FruitsBouquet64BouquetRotate the watermelon12Rotate the watermelonSalad20SaladRotate the cauliflowers6Rotate the cauliflowersRotate the flowers9Rotate the flowersStill life99Still lifeRotate the wood shavings6Rotate the wood shavingsLeafy35LeafyRotate the petals6Rotate the petalsRotate the fruits6Rotate the fruitsRotate the onions12Rotate the onionsRotate the pie @ Baker by Nature9Rotate the pie @ Baker by NatureRotate the daisies12Rotate the daisies