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Jena (Witt)35Jena (Witt)Italienische (Mendelssohn 4)35Italienische (Mendelssohn 4)Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale (Berlioz 4)35Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale (Berlioz 4)Gothic (Brian 1)32Gothic (Brian 1)Funereal (Atterberg 5)35Funereal (Atterberg 5)Four Temperaments (Nielsen 2)35Four Temperaments (Nielsen 2)Echo (Haydn 38)35Echo (Haydn 38)George Floyd 535George Floyd 5George Floyd 432George Floyd 4George Floyd 335George Floyd 3George Floyd 235George Floyd 2George Floyd 135George Floyd 1March 11--Philadelphia35March 11--PhiladelphiaFirst of May (Shostakovich 3)35First of May (Shostakovich 3)Eroica (Beethoven 3)35Eroica (Beethoven 3)Choral (Glass 5)32Choral (Glass 5)Cello Symphony (Britten)36Cello Symphony (Britten)Brevis (Brian 22)35Brevis (Brian 22)Antarctic (Davies 8)36Antarctic (Davies 8)Alleluja (Haydn 30)35Alleluja (Haydn 30)