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Museums--The Broad, Los Angeles35Museums--The Broad, Los AngelesMuseums--Salvador Dalí Museum, Florida35Museums--Salvador Dalí Museum, FloridaMuseums--Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro35Museums--Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de JaneiroMuseums--Guggenheim35Museums--GuggenheimJubilee (Williamson 4)35Jubilee (Williamson 4)Italienische (Mendelssohn 4)35Italienische (Mendelssohn 4)Great G Minor (Mozart 40)35Great G Minor (Mozart 40)George Floyd 535George Floyd 5George Floyd 335George Floyd 3George Floyd 235George Floyd 2George Floyd 135George Floyd 1Zaha Hadid--Ordrupgaard Museum35Zaha Hadid--Ordrupgaard MuseumMarch 11--Steel pouring ladle35March 11--Steel pouring ladleMarch 4--Two revelers kiss35March 4--Two revelers kissMarch 4--Russia's Viachelslav Barkov35March 4--Russia's Viachelslav BarkovBrevis (Brian 22)35Brevis (Brian 22)Antarctic (Davies 8)36Antarctic (Davies 8)Road Trips--National Route 40, western Argentina35Road Trips--National Route 40, western ArgentinaRoad Trips--Great Ocean Road, Australia35Road Trips--Great Ocean Road, AustraliaMorons35Morons