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A Wonderful Moment48A Wonderful MomentLaura Wright48Laura WrightA Moment At Home48A Moment At HomeA Beautiful Sudsy Pair54A Beautiful Sudsy PairA Handsome Soap Star48A Handsome Soap StarA Young Billy Miller48A Young Billy MillerA Man In Blue48A Man In BlueJohn McCook!48John McCook!A Mega-Popular Star54A Mega-Popular StarEileen Davidson54Eileen DavidsonA Gorgeous Sudser48A Gorgeous SudserA Standout Star48A Standout StarA Handsome Sudser48A Handsome SudserA Beautiful Soap Couple48A Beautiful Soap CoupleA Sudsy Couple48A Sudsy CoupleA Longtime Sudser35A Longtime SudserA Popular Fan Fave48A Popular Fan FaveA Sudsy Star48A Sudsy StarA New Baddie48A New BaddieA Shady Soapster48A Shady Soapster