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A Sudser We Miss!54A Sudser We Miss!A Sudser Baddie48A Sudser BaddieA Sudser Baddie35A Sudser BaddieA Sleazy Sudser!54A Sleazy Sudser!A Heartbroken Sudser!54A Heartbroken Sudser!A Heartbroken Sudser!48A Heartbroken Sudser!Two Baddies x2!55Two Baddies x2!A Puzzle Within A Puzzle!52A Puzzle Within A Puzzle!A Puzzle Within A Puzzle!52A Puzzle Within A Puzzle!A Puzzling Puzzle Twist!48A Puzzling Puzzle Twist!A Lonely Sudser!48A Lonely Sudser!A Lonely Sudser!48A Lonely Sudser!An Eye Problem!54An Eye Problem!A Super Sudsy Couple!55A Super Sudsy Couple!A Sizzling Character!50A Sizzling Character!Lovely Sudser Ladies!50Lovely Sudser Ladies!A Dramatic Couple50A Dramatic CoupleTorn Between Two Men!50Torn Between Two Men!A Beloved Couple!50A Beloved Couple!Victor Newman!55Victor Newman!