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Slavs on the March picture70Slavs on the March pictureVisit of Louis XIV126Visit of Louis XIVHorses at the door of the house72Horses at the door of the housePOPOV Paul - Adam and Eve. Lost heaven70POPOV Paul - Adam and Eve. Lost heavenpastoral scene55pastoral sceneGirls art miscellaneous42Girls art miscellaneousbeautiful girl70beautiful girlpainting48paintingünnepi Gábor Toth70ünnepi Gábor Tothhunter .Gábor az igazi70hunter .Gábor az igazitéli móka. Gábor Toth Magyarország80téli móka. Gábor Toth MagyarországCat's eyes70Cat's eyescastle88castlegirl-fantasy style fic70girl-fantasy style ficDevushka feniks70Devushka fenikswoman of the Phoenix70woman of the PhoenixPortrait of the Marquise de Pompadour70Portrait of the Marquise de PompadourLake with birds70Lake with birdsVulcan gives weapons to Venus for Aeneas72Vulcan gives weapons to Venus for Aeneasbattle91battle