Knot a Chance49Knot a ChanceLeather & Lace49Leather & LaceOption Number Three36Option Number ThreeTake the Money and Run49Take the Money and RunThe Devil's Spare Change49The Devil's Spare ChangeTickle His Fancy49Tickle His FancyTopping the Alpha49Topping the AlphaTorn in Half49Torn in HalfWaiting For Him49Waiting For HimTrident Security Field Manual49Trident Security Field ManualDouble Down & Dirty49Double Down & DirtyMountain of Evil49Mountain of EvilWhiskey Tribute49Whiskey TributeWatching From the Shadows49Watching From the ShadowsDon't Shoot the Messenger49Don't Shoot the MessengerDon't Fight It49Don't Fight ItA Dead Man's Pulse49A Dead Man's PulseAbsolving His Sins49Absolving His SinsForty Days & One Knight49Forty Days & One KnightEntertaining Distraction49Entertaining Distraction