Oh, 'ello?240Oh, 'ello?What do you get.....198What do you get.....Spiral to nowhere. [Mexico forest, Las Pozas]180Spiral to nowhere. [Mexico forest, Las Pozas]Canfranc Rail Station238Canfranc Rail StationUnderground railway station240Underground railway stationMore spiral stairs260More spiral stairsSpiral stairs240Spiral stairsParadise Not-found-yet300Paradise Not-found-yetThe case for baskets, Your Honour252The case for baskets, Your HonourSplit-level tree house. If I had the wood, I would.300Split-level tree house. If I had the wood, I would.Hobbit house in wales300Hobbit house in walesHobbit house exterior300Hobbit house exteriorHobbit house interior300Hobbit house interiorCosy fireplace252Cosy fireplaceOld home town and snow300Old home town and snowMy old home town at dusk300My old home town at duskThe Maison Lavirotte, Paris, France300The Maison Lavirotte, Paris, FranceWelsh hobbit house interior252Welsh hobbit house interiorSpiral staircase300Spiral staircaseWelsh hobbit house300Welsh hobbit house