Debbie Cook (3)120Debbie Cook (3)Persis Clayton Weirs 'Cactus Kitties'150Persis Clayton Weirs 'Cactus Kitties'Irina Garmashova 'Blue Hour'150Irina Garmashova 'Blue Hour'Persis Clayton Weirs (12)150Persis Clayton Weirs (12)Kentaro Nishino 'Together'150Kentaro Nishino 'Together'Irina Garmashova 'Crab Apple'150Irina Garmashova 'Crab Apple'Pollyanna Pickering 'A Cat's Life'110Pollyanna Pickering 'A Cat's Life'Gary Patterson (2)120Gary Patterson (2)Lowell Herrero 'Cat Tails'150Lowell Herrero 'Cat Tails'Susan Bourdet (3)132Susan Bourdet (3)Onna K. 'Kitchen Tails'150Onna K. 'Kitchen Tails'Rosiland Solomon 'Garden Shed Kittens'132Rosiland Solomon 'Garden Shed Kittens'Persis Clayton Weirs99Persis Clayton WeirsIrina Garmashova 'My Favorite Place'132Irina Garmashova 'My Favorite Place'Playful Kittens150Playful KittensIrina Garmashova 'A Wave of Organza'150Irina Garmashova 'A Wave of Organza'Debbie Cook (1)132Debbie Cook (1)Irina Garmashova 'Tireless Stones'150Irina Garmashova 'Tireless Stones'Persis Clayton Weirs (2)99Persis Clayton Weirs (2)Sueellen Ross 'Stargazer'100Sueellen Ross 'Stargazer'