Lucie Bilodeau 'First Christmas'150Lucie Bilodeau 'First Christmas'William Vanderdasson 'Christmas Kittens'150William Vanderdasson 'Christmas Kittens'Lesley Anne Ivory 'Harry and Sheena in Christmas Box'99Lesley Anne Ivory 'Harry and Sheena in Christmas Box'Jenny Newland 'Holiday Mischief'150Jenny Newland 'Holiday Mischief'Richard MacNeil 'Christmas Cats'150Richard MacNeil 'Christmas Cats'Jenny Newland 'Christmas Cats in the Window'150Jenny Newland 'Christmas Cats in the Window'Higgins Bond 'Around the Tree'120Higgins Bond 'Around the Tree'William Vanderdasson 'Christmas Cats'150William Vanderdasson 'Christmas Cats'Higgins Bond 'I Love My Cat'120Higgins Bond 'I Love My Cat'Lesley Anne Ivory 'Christmas Cat'99Lesley Anne Ivory 'Christmas Cat'Don Roth 'Caroling Cats'154Don Roth 'Caroling Cats'Irina Garmashova 'Warmer Inside'150Irina Garmashova 'Warmer Inside'Wendy Edelson (4)120Wendy Edelson (4)Pat Scott 'A Resounding Success'99Pat Scott 'A Resounding Success'Irina Garmashova 'Bedtime Reading Miniatures'150Irina Garmashova 'Bedtime Reading Miniatures'Don Roth 'Feline Feast'143Don Roth 'Feline Feast'Bryan Moon 'Gone Fishing'150Bryan Moon 'Gone Fishing'Bryan Moon 'Vintage Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'99Bryan Moon 'Vintage Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'Amy Rosenberg 'Backpack Kitty'120Amy Rosenberg 'Backpack Kitty'Susan Bourdet 'Assistant Gardener'130Susan Bourdet 'Assistant Gardener'