Pat Scott 'Garden Helpers'99Pat Scott 'Garden Helpers'Jessica Bolander 'Band of Brothers'150Jessica Bolander 'Band of Brothers'Leah Saulnier 'Cats on Strike'140Leah Saulnier 'Cats on Strike'Persis Clayton Weirs99Persis Clayton WeirsGloria West 'Wine and Cheese'99Gloria West 'Wine and Cheese'Persis Clayton Weirs (2)150Persis Clayton Weirs (2)Lucia Heffernan 'Twitter Cat'150Lucia Heffernan 'Twitter Cat'Marcello Corti Furry Friends 'Trouble Makers'99Marcello Corti Furry Friends 'Trouble Makers'Larry Jones 'Waiting for Spring'150Larry Jones 'Waiting for Spring'William Vanderdasson 'Phoebe'150William Vanderdasson 'Phoebe'Lewis T. Johnson 'Jeweled Cat'99Lewis T. Johnson 'Jeweled Cat'Toy Cabinet150Toy CabinetJenny Newland 'Cat-ology Blossom'120Jenny Newland 'Cat-ology Blossom'Persis Clayton Weirs150Persis Clayton WeirsDebbie Cook (8)120Debbie Cook (8)Persis Clayton Weirs (7)150Persis Clayton Weirs (7)Dean Russo 'Devoted Cats'150Dean Russo 'Devoted Cats'Cat Nap150Cat NapLesley Anne Ivory 'Taurus'99Lesley Anne Ivory 'Taurus'Black Cat by Candlelight150Black Cat by Candlelight