Spirit of Caffeine99Spirit of CaffeineMoo16MooFire & Ice  (Styx Equinox)96Fire & Ice (Styx Equinox)Meet Gregory House99Meet Gregory HouseAngel, UK by Justin Quinnell120Angel, UK by Justin QuinnellCopper Sea Turtle80Copper Sea TurtleMom's Dilemma80Mom's DilemmaAmethyst104AmethystAdam has a Bunny Wabbit.  (C4)77Adam has a Bunny Wabbit. (C4)Somone(s) need a spanking...80Somone(s) need a spanking...Steampunk Fashion120Steampunk FashionCourageous.  Stupid, but courageous.80Courageous. Stupid, but courageous.Honest Dummy and Puppet Master in 201280Honest Dummy and Puppet Master in 2012Designated Driver60Designated DriverSo real.  Too funny.80So real. Too funny.Sedona Heritage Museum80Sedona Heritage MuseumHalloween?  Hah!48Halloween? Hah!Peace of mind - You get it from your Spouse!78Peace of mind - You get it from your Spouse!All things to all things80All things to all thingsInvincible! - Doin it wrong.60Invincible! - Doin it wrong.