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Aero Commander U-4B80Aero Commander U-4BAeronca L-1680Aeronca L-16Red Arrows77Red ArrowsMosquito FB.VI80Mosquito FB.VIConvair NB-36H80Convair NB-36HRyan PT-22 with Model T Fuel Truck77Ryan PT-22 with Model T Fuel TruckBoeing B-17G Flying Fortress80Boeing B-17G Flying FortressCurtiss P-36 Hawk80Curtiss P-36 Hawkde havilland Tiger Moth77de havilland Tiger Mothde Havilland Chipmunk80de Havilland ChipmunkTennessee Valley Railroad #610 At Lafayette, GA80Tennessee Valley Railroad #610 At Lafayette, GADouglas C-54 At Tempelhof, Berlin80Douglas C-54 At Tempelhof, BerlinCessna L-19 (O-1)80Cessna L-19 (O-1)North American T2C Buckeye80North American T2C BuckeyePiper L-481Piper L-4de Havilland Chipmunk80de Havilland ChipmunkUS Navy HE (Piper J-5)80US Navy HE (Piper J-5)Ryan L-17 Navion80Ryan L-17 NavionHurricane Mk280Hurricane Mk2De Havilland Mosquitos77De Havilland Mosquitos