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65 puzzles tagged art

Isabel Le Roux: Harlequin Party12Isabel Le Roux: Harlequin PartyHenry Yan: Seated Model20Henry Yan: Seated ModelHarro Koskinen: The Pig Hits (1969)40Harro Koskinen: The Pig Hits (1969)Kees van Dongen: Woman with Blue Eyes (1908)20Kees van Dongen: Woman with Blue Eyes (1908)Nazmi Ziya Güran: Taksim Square (1935)42Nazmi Ziya Güran: Taksim Square (1935)Jonathan Day: Dance of the Three Graces24Jonathan Day: Dance of the Three GracesAnne Weirich: The Three Graces (2009)20Anne Weirich: The Three Graces (2009)A Look24A LookPierre Joubert Illustration Art30Pierre Joubert Illustration ArtRichard Tuschman: Pink Bedroom (Odalisque) (2013)12Richard Tuschman: Pink Bedroom (Odalisque) (2013)Ian Akin: Tango! (2008)12Ian Akin: Tango! (2008)Mort Künstler Pulp Art60Mort Künstler Pulp ArtNils Dardel: The Dying Dandy (1918)12Nils Dardel: The Dying Dandy (1918)Randall Browning: Primary Colors30Randall Browning: Primary ColorsHotel Villa Otéro12Hotel Villa OtéroJarmo Mäkilä Art54Jarmo Mäkilä ArtRoyal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016120Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016Otto Mäkilä: They See What We Do Not See (1939)42Otto Mäkilä: They See What We Do Not See (1939)Robert McGinnis: Thunderball (1965)6Robert McGinnis: Thunderball (1965)Pablo Picasso: The Swimmer (1929)20Pablo Picasso: The Swimmer (1929)