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Eat Vegetable!12Eat Vegetable!Mother and Child30Mother and ChildSalla Ikonen Art20Salla Ikonen ArtVittorio De Sica: Sunflower (1970)108Vittorio De Sica: Sunflower (1970)Seppo Kari: Daring (2014)40Seppo Kari: Daring (2014)Garden15GardenYellow World32Yellow WorldA Library of One's Own63A Library of One's OwnHungarian Art: Laszlo Neogrady20Hungarian Art: Laszlo NeogradyFirst Day of Summer40First Day of SummerVickie Wade: Singing in the Rain40Vickie Wade: Singing in the RainDana International 199832Dana International 1998Firestorm Cloud24Firestorm CloudElin Danielson-Gambogi: La Merenda (1904)28Elin Danielson-Gambogi: La Merenda (1904)Viatcheslav Plotnikov: Monte Carlo – The Golden Age48Viatcheslav Plotnikov: Monte Carlo – The Golden AgeMay 1953 Esquire Calendar108May 1953 Esquire CalendarTWA Hotel at JFK Airport12TWA Hotel at JFK AirportJacques de Loustal Illustration60Jacques de Loustal IllustrationPop Art Interior204Pop Art InteriorDaniel Hernández Morillo: The Lion's Cage (1883)12Daniel Hernández Morillo: The Lion's Cage (1883)