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marilyn (40)
country (38)
night (35)
house (32)
50's (31)
winter (30)
new (29)

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Blue Jay and the Kitten70Blue Jay and the KittenMork and MIndy72Mork and MIndySanta Puppies and Kittens63Santa Puppies and KittensGirl and Her Dog63Girl and Her DogSnowman and Friends70Snowman and FriendsFrankie Lymon and the Teenagers56Frankie Lymon and the TeenagersMama Cat and Kittens 256Mama Cat and Kittens 2Mama Cat and Kittens63Mama Cat and KittensDean Martin and Jerry Lewis63Dean Martin and Jerry LewisThe Cat and the Fairy72The Cat and the FairyLady Noir and Gentleman72Lady Noir and GentlemanElvis and the Blonde63Elvis and the BlondeArchie w/ Betty and Veronica72Archie w/ Betty and VeronicaFrankenstein and Bride72Frankenstein and BrideBetty Boop and Pudgy72Betty Boop and PudgyKing of Rock and Roll70King of Rock and RollElvis Rock and Roll80Elvis Rock and RollBlack Cat and Scarecrow70Black Cat and ScarecrowSteak and Shake70Steak and ShakeLucy and Desi Sharing Soda72Lucy and Desi Sharing Soda