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Freddy Mamani Silvestre Interior, Le Alto300Freddy Mamani Silvestre Interior, Le AltoFreddy Mamani Silvestre, Le Alto130Freddy Mamani Silvestre, Le AltoPrincipe Alexander Ballroom, El Alto, Bolivia96Principe Alexander Ballroom, El Alto, BoliviaLe Alto, Freddy Mamani Sivestre Interior204Le Alto, Freddy Mamani Sivestre InteriorFreddy Mamani Sylvestre Interior, Le Alto300Freddy Mamani Sylvestre Interior, Le AltoFreddy Mamani Silvestre Building, El Alto126Freddy Mamani Silvestre Building, El AltoFreddy Mamani Silvestre Building, El Alto150Freddy Mamani Silvestre Building, El AltoWalt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles300Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los AngelesLiege-Guillemins Station by David Pronk300Liege-Guillemins Station by David PronkMarkthal Rotterdam by David Pronk300Markthal Rotterdam by David PronkOld Red Door by Heather Applegate198Old Red Door by Heather ApplegateDoug's House, Landewednack98Doug's House, LandewednackIthaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives99Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, MaldivesOffshore Platforms and Service Ship300Offshore Platforms and Service ShipOffshore Wind Turbine by JK Baylor98Offshore Wind Turbine by JK BaylorChapel of the Souls, Porto99Chapel of the Souls, PortoThe Glass Slipper Church, Budai, Taiwan195The Glass Slipper Church, Budai, TaiwanCapela las Almas (detail) Porto104Capela las Almas (detail) PortoChurch of St Elisabeth, Bratislava, Slovakia289Church of St Elisabeth, Bratislava, SlovakiaCheong Fatt Tze - The Blue Mansion, Penang300Cheong Fatt Tze - The Blue Mansion, Penang