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Daffodil Fields Above Mounts Bay289Daffodil Fields Above Mounts BayCornish Daffodils by Sara Pendlebury300Cornish Daffodils by Sara PendleburySunny Cornish Daffodils300Sunny Cornish DaffodilsDaffodils Overlooking St Michael's Mount289Daffodils Overlooking St Michael's MountCornish Daffodil Selection300Cornish Daffodil SelectionPair of Gannets by Paul Kettel300Pair of Gannets by Paul KettelOsprey with Trout300Osprey with TroutBlack Kite300Black KiteKingfisher299KingfisherYoung Anhinga300Young AnhingaNorth Wind - Christian Krohg 1887300North Wind - Christian Krohg 1887Look Ahead, Bergen Harbour - Christian Krohg 1884300Look Ahead, Bergen Harbour - Christian Krohg 1884The Shoal - Christian Krohg 1898300The Shoal - Christian Krohg 1898Hard a Lee. Cristian Krohg 1882300Hard a Lee. Cristian Krohg 1882In the Fairway - Christian Krohg 1892300In the Fairway - Christian Krohg 1892Grønningen Fyr, Kristiansand, Norway300Grønningen Fyr, Kristiansand, NorwayUlvesund Fyr and Strait, Norway300Ulvesund Fyr and Strait, NorwayRefviksanden, Vågsøy by Hanna Olofsson300Refviksanden, Vågsøy by Hanna OlofssonGood Friends, Christian Krohg 1897300Good Friends, Christian Krohg 1897Kråkenes Fyr. Vågsøy, Norway300Kråkenes Fyr. Vågsøy, Norway