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LoZ Twilight Princess300LoZ Twilight PrincessFF XIV - A Realm Reborn299FF XIV - A Realm RebornAssassin's Creed Syndicate 1300Assassin's Creed Syndicate 1FF XIII300FF XIIIKingdom Hearth - Dream Drop Distance 1300Kingdom Hearth - Dream Drop Distance 1Kingdom Hearth II300Kingdom Hearth IIKingdom Hearth300Kingdom HearthKingdom Hearth - Chain of Memories 2300Kingdom Hearth - Chain of Memories 2Kingdom Hearth II300Kingdom Hearth IIKingdom Hearth - Birth By Sleep 1300Kingdom Hearth - Birth By Sleep 1Final Fantasy VII300Final Fantasy VIISSBB 1300SSBB 1Kingdom Hearth II300Kingdom Hearth IIFinal Fantasy IV300Final Fantasy IVGolden Sun 1300Golden Sun 1Kingdom Hearth - Dream Drop Distance300Kingdom Hearth - Dream Drop DistanceFF Crisis Core300FF Crisis CoreMetroid300MetroidKingdom Hearth - Chain of Memories300Kingdom Hearth - Chain of MemoriesFF IV300FF IV