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Legends of Tomorrow 8300Legends of Tomorrow 8Continuum 6300Continuum 6Spn 33300Spn 33The Musketeers 13299The Musketeers 13Elementary 10300Elementary 10DC Heroes 2300DC Heroes 2Being Human 7300Being Human 7Fringe 19300Fringe 19Black Sails 7300Black Sails 7Sherlock 27300Sherlock 27The Big Bang Theory 14300The Big Bang Theory 14Orphan Black 2300Orphan Black 2Dracula 5299Dracula 5Agent Carter 9300Agent Carter 9Supergirl 8300Supergirl 8Dexter 8300Dexter 8Smallville 7300Smallville 7White Collar 16300White Collar 16OUAT 24300OUAT 24Sherlock 26300Sherlock 26