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Fringe 22300Fringe 22The Magicians 3300The Magicians 3Elementary 11300Elementary 11Da Vinci's Demons 17300Da Vinci's Demons 17Forever 8300Forever 8HIMYM 16300HIMYM 16GoT - Stark300GoT - StarkLeverage 10300Leverage 10The Musketeers 16300The Musketeers 16Once upon a time in wonderland300Once upon a time in wonderlandCovert Affairs 7300Covert Affairs 7Dracula 6300Dracula 6Fringe 21300Fringe 21Blindspot 4300Blindspot 4Sleepy Hollow 10300Sleepy Hollow 10Gotham 14300Gotham 14Vikings 11300Vikings 11The Magicians 2300The Magicians 2Supergirl 9300Supergirl 9Sherlock 30300Sherlock 30