Athena crowned by the moonlight35Athena crowned by the moonlightTotemic Animal 324Totemic Animal 3Totemic Animal 240Totemic Animal 2Totemic Animal 154Totemic Animal 1Anansi, the Spider God (by Bethany Minervino)35Anansi, the Spider God (by Bethany Minervino)Anansi, the Spider God (by Sirmaril)70Anansi, the Spider God (by Sirmaril)Cuchulain in Battle (Joseph Christian Leyendecker)198Cuchulain in Battle (Joseph Christian Leyendecker)Selkie (Andrea Sgorbissa)99Selkie (Andrea Sgorbissa)Ossian Singing (Nicolai Abildgaard)35Ossian Singing (Nicolai Abildgaard)Ossian Receiving The Ghosts Of French Heroes (Girodet AnneLouis)81Ossian Receiving The Ghosts Of French Heroes (Girodet AnneLouis)Ossian on the Bank of the Lora (François Gérard)42Ossian on the Bank of the Lora (François Gérard)Ossian And Malvina (Johann Peter Krafft)56Ossian And Malvina (Johann Peter Krafft)Gesänge des Ossian (Joseph Robert von Langer)72Gesänge des Ossian (Joseph Robert von Langer)Bragi (Dagmara Gąska)49Bragi (Dagmara Gąska)Nott riding Hrimfaxi (Peter Nicolai Arbo)42Nott riding Hrimfaxi (Peter Nicolai Arbo)Valkyrien (Peter Nicolai Arbo)70Valkyrien (Peter Nicolai Arbo)Dagr riding Skinfaxi (Peter Nicolai Arbo)80Dagr riding Skinfaxi (Peter Nicolai Arbo)Åsgårdsreien (Peter Nicolai Arbo)54Åsgårdsreien (Peter Nicolai Arbo)Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt) (Johann Wilhelm Cordes)36Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt) (Johann Wilhelm Cordes)The Ride of the Valkyries (William T. Maud)54The Ride of the Valkyries (William T. Maud)