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Potw." New year`s resolutions"-slimming24Potw." New year`s resolutions"-slimming/POTW/Summer on the beach.24/POTW/Summer on the beach./POTW/Summer on a horce.35/POTW/Summer on a horce.Trudno żyć bez marzeń...dreams20Trudno żyć bez marzeń...dreams/POTW/ Siblings - brothers.24/POTW/ Siblings - brothers./POTW/"Circus"-difficult tricks.35/POTW/"Circus"-difficult tricks.Romantic love.24Romantic love.Spring walk of preschoolers28Spring walk of preschoolers/POTW/"St. Patrick's Day"-joyful day.18/POTW/"St. Patrick's Day"-joyful day./POTW/Valentines love24/POTW/Valentines loveVictory in Zakopane18Victory in ZakopanePOTW. "Hometown...".My country.28POTW. "Hometown...".My country./POTW/ Fitness in Poland24/POTW/ Fitness in Poland/Potw winter/winter craziness28/Potw winter/winter crazinessPOTW /Cheeriness/ Baby boy9POTW /Cheeriness/ Baby boySyria-tragedy of war...18Syria-tragedy of war...T.Sayisman LOVE25T.Sayisman LOVEProfession-American soldier -God ,Honor, Homeland...24Profession-American soldier -God ,Honor, Homeland...Autumn in the city15Autumn in the cityT.S.9T.S.