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155 puzzles tagged cartoon
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The Simpsons117The SimpsonsThe Gilded Truffle200The Gilded TruffleMoe`s Bar300Moe`s BarMarge Simpson117Marge SimpsonMaggie Chaplin130Maggie ChaplinKrusty Burger300Krusty BurgerHomer Simpson120Homer SimpsonDiner from Flintstones cartoon150Diner from Flintstones cartoonLogan98LoganCutie Idefix120Cutie IdefixTintin in the bicyclerace Tour de France196Tintin in the bicyclerace Tour de FranceScene from Tintin170Scene from TintinObelix165ObelixMiraculix98MiraculixIdefix154IdefixFor the love of books and reading196For the love of books and readingCaptain Haddock in command150Captain Haddock in commandWhen your shadow is slower than you169When your shadow is slower than youTMNT150TMNTTintin with Citroen 2CV120Tintin with Citroen 2CV