La Dolce Vita45La Dolce VitaLittle boy washes his car40Little boy washes his carMort Kunstler General Jackson42Mort Kunstler General JacksonFather and son at the field work42Father and son at the field workHappy Day48Happy DaySteamboat Miss Memphis45Steamboat Miss MemphisKartoffelernte/potato harvest42Kartoffelernte/potato harvestGrand Prix45Grand PrixCampsite40CampsiteMort Kunstler General Orders 10035Mort Kunstler General Orders 100Flower garden42Flower gardenKevin Walsh42Kevin WalshLittle Cats40Little CatsNorth American F 8628North American F 86A summer's day40A summer's dayNeuer Tag42Neuer TagComing Home48Coming HomeLearning the Trade42Learning the TradeMort Kunstler45Mort KunstlerArthur Saron Sarnoff42Arthur Saron Sarnoff