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171 puzzles tagged dog

Dog Jealous at Kitten at Ease112Dog Jealous at Kitten at EaseIt's Cold Outside154It's Cold OutsideNow It's Winter96Now It's WinterPuppy100PuppyTiiired108TiiiredWhat Mud?100What Mud?I'm a Turtle Dog143I'm a Turtle DogI Just Love Crackers!144I Just Love Crackers!I'm a Halloween Witch140I'm a Halloween WitchWalking is Tiresome150Walking is TiresomeWatch Out!132Watch Out!This is How You Use a Hole150This is How You Use a HoleA Swinging Life150A Swinging LifeJust Moving My Bowl165Just Moving My BowlWhen You Buy Your Dog at IKEA and Try To Assemble Him Yourself154When You Buy Your Dog at IKEA and Try To Assemble Him YourselfBless Us Both130Bless Us BothGone Fishing70Gone FishingTaking a Bath140Taking a BathThis is life140This is lifeMe and My Pal154Me and My Pal