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164 puzzles tagged hunger

Let the games begin by mannytsu78Let the games begin by mannytsuThe Hunger Games by bluemoon025108The Hunger Games by bluemoon025Annie Cresta,  the 70th victor by IsaiahStephens130Annie Cresta, the 70th victor by IsaiahStephensClove108CloveBrutus and Enobaria120Brutus and Enobaria74th Hunger Games Careers by wolfspace8174th Hunger Games Careers by wolfspaceClove by heartbeatingforart63Clove by heartbeatingforartClato90ClatoDistrict 2 Cato Alexander Ludwig Clove Isabelle Fuhrman108District 2 Cato Alexander Ludwig Clove Isabelle FuhrmanFoxface Play Responsibly by sallysacrifice120Foxface Play Responsibly by sallysacrificeThe Hunger Games81The Hunger GamesThe_careers_by_cheerleader8032-d596wgp110The_careers_by_cheerleader8032-d596wgpCareers banner 3 by LeMeNe100Careers banner 3 by LeMeNeCareers Banner 1 by LeMeNe90Careers Banner 1 by LeMeNeCloveniss81ClovenissKatniss and Clove78Katniss and CloveCloveniss100ClovenissCloveniss98ClovenissClove as a Mii with graffiti110Clove as a Mii with graffitiRue and Prim99Rue and Prim