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16 puzzles tagged art

Cotton Swabs by analogicus6Cotton Swabs by analogicusMatches by _Alicja_6Matches by _Alicja_Attitude! by prettysleepy135Attitude! by prettysleepy1Castle by the Water lake by enriquelopezgarre35Castle by the Water lake by enriquelopezgarreThe Face by James Wainscoat35The Face by James WainscoatAbstract by Marisa0435Abstract by Marisa04Tulips by Marisa049Tulips by Marisa04The International Marketplace by John Salvino42The International Marketplace by John SalvinoBright Colors42Bright ColorsHome Sweet Home42Home Sweet HomePlease48PleaseColorful Geometric Stars by Chinh-le-duc-12Colorful Geometric Stars by Chinh-le-duc-Pretty in Pink by mimi-garcia28Pretty in Pink by mimi-garciaColorful Plastic by daniele-levis-pelusi24Colorful Plastic by daniele-levis-pelusiIn the Image of John Lennon by nick-fewings40In the Image of John Lennon by nick-fewingsWise Owl by Cris-dinoto42Wise Owl by Cris-dinoto