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Kitty Looking For Temptations12Kitty Looking For TemptationsYard Guard35Yard GuardThe Evil Eye35The Evil EyeSleep Mode12Sleep ModeThe Best Part of Waking Up...12The Best Part of Waking Up...Hiding in Plain Sight12Hiding in Plain SightLet's Play Ball9Let's Play BallThe Kiss36The KissGreen Eyes35Green EyesFirst Day @ at His Furever Home35First Day @ at His Furever HomeOscar on the Patio35Oscar on the PatioOver and Under36Over and UnderOscar At Work35Oscar At WorkOscar36OscarOscar Sunbathing35Oscar SunbathingOscar35OscarBear on Mother's Day35Bear on Mother's DayBear35BearNapoleon's Half Brothers35Napoleon's Half BrothersFall in Algonquin Park35Fall in Algonquin Park