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Young Girl Reading at a Table ~ Johann Georg Meyer (1)130Young Girl Reading at a Table ~ Johann Georg Meyer (1)Spring Blossoms, William Stephen Coleman108Spring Blossoms, William Stephen ColemanBeautiful, Monica Fernandez110Beautiful, Monica FernandezPair of Watercolors (Detail), William Stephen Coleman117Pair of Watercolors (Detail), William Stephen ColemanThe Rising ~ William Adolphe Bouguereau110The Rising ~ William Adolphe BouguereauLittle Thief ~ William Adolphe Bouguereau112Little Thief ~ William Adolphe BouguereauLuna ~ James Browne99Luna ~ James BrowneStepping Stones104Stepping StonesSpring Margot Standing in a Garden, 1900117Spring Margot Standing in a Garden, 1900Spring ~ Franz Dvorak130Spring ~ Franz DvorakThe Foster Mother ~ Valentine T Garland130The Foster Mother ~ Valentine T GarlandThe Beginning ~ Christian Schloe130The Beginning ~ Christian SchloeWithout a cat life is not the same: Podstava. Lyuli ~ Alatyr117Without a cat life is not the same: Podstava. Lyuli ~ AlatyrFeeding the Pigeons ~ Arthur Claude Strachan150Feeding the Pigeons ~ Arthur Claude StrachanCountry Lane ~ Arthur Claude Strachan144Country Lane ~ Arthur Claude StrachanPeek-a-boo ~ Sophie G. Anderson90Peek-a-boo ~ Sophie G. AndersonBest Friends ~ Alfredo Rodriguez80Best Friends ~ Alfredo RodriguezLittle Red Riding Hood ~ Doronina Tatiana108Little Red Riding Hood ~ Doronina TatianaOatmeal ~ Tatiana Doronina110Oatmeal ~ Tatiana DoroninaLittle Red Riding Hood ~ David Galchutt42Little Red Riding Hood ~ David Galchutt