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Pair of Watercolors (Detail), William Stephen Coleman117Pair of Watercolors (Detail), William Stephen ColemanA Country Gem, Nicky Boehme99A Country Gem, Nicky BoehmeGarden by the Sea, Jean-Marc Janiackzyk140Garden by the Sea, Jean-Marc JaniackzykFall Flowers, M Humphries130Fall Flowers, M HumphriesSummer Bouquet, M Humphries130Summer Bouquet, M HumphriesGrand Entrance, M Humphries130Grand Entrance, M HumphriesSatisfaction Since 1914144Satisfaction Since 1914Summer Garden ~ Lorraine Ryan110Summer Garden ~ Lorraine RyanFlowers by the Lake ~ Nicky Boehme120Flowers by the Lake ~ Nicky BoehmeSpring Season ~ Deyanira Harris110Spring Season ~ Deyanira HarrisFishpond120FishpondWelcome98WelcomeWaiting in the Garden ~ Stephen Reid140Waiting in the Garden ~ Stephen ReidGossips ~ Henry John Yeend King128Gossips ~ Henry John Yeend KingPeace in the Valley ~ Reint Withaar140Peace in the Valley ~ Reint WithaarRed Rambler Cottage ~ Fred Swan140Red Rambler Cottage ~ Fred SwanEnd of Day Recharge ~ Marty Bell150End of Day Recharge ~ Marty BellStargazing ~ Sarah Leslie100Stargazing ~ Sarah LesliePeek a Boo ~ Sarah Leslie88Peek a Boo ~ Sarah LeslieComing Out ~ Sarah Leslie90Coming Out ~ Sarah Leslie